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Energy Optimization

We Presently Offer These Services:

1. Residential Energy Audit.

This is a service provided through Energy Saver Enabler where we hire an independent 3rd party energy rater. They provide a Residential Energy Performance Survey (REPS).

This is a Top to Bottom Energy Inspection:

- Attic
- Knee walls
- Above Grade Walls
- Windows/Doors
- Basement/Crawlspace areas
- Heating/Cooling/Domestic Hot Water Systems
- Blower door test to determine how airtight or drafty your home is.
- Detailed Report outlining the most cost effective strategy
for improving the energy efficiency of your home.

We do not make any thing on this survey we simply enable home owners to get an accurate understanding of the energy needs of their home without a conflict of interest. The cost of this survey is $250 to $600 depending on the house size or condition. Although this is not completely necessary we recommend it if homeowners want to apply for tax credits or rebates.

2. Residential Energy Efficiency Upgrades.

This is where our teams go in and perform the recommended fixes. This involves sealing all the small gaps, sealing attic air leaks, caulking holes, stuffing gaps in the insulation, sealing attic doors, dealing with recessed can lights, sealing basement air leaks, sealing gaps around rim joists, and possibly adding attic insulation and upgrading the heating/cooling system if necessary. The cost for this service begins at $500. We will provide the financing package to make this very affordable. The added savings in energy efficiency will pay for the cost of this service many times over during the life of the home.

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